Police Records

Records Section
The Texarkana Police Records Section is responsible for receiving, maintaining and archiving police records in compliance with city policies and state regulations. The staff is committed to serving the public’s need for information in compliance with the rules and regulations of the State of Arkansas pertaining to public records, open records and exclusionary records.

Contact Information
100 N. Stateline Avenue
Texarkana, Arkansas 75504-1885
Phone: (903) 798-3181
Fax: 903-793-3664

Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Closed for all official city holidays of the City of Texarkana, Texas.

Fee Schedules
Background Checks
Applicants must appear at the Records Section in person prior to 4:30 p.m. and present a valid government-issued photo identification with correct name and date of birth plus one other form of valid government issued identification. The fee for a background check is $10.00. You cannot request a criminal history on another individual without having a signed/notarized letter of authorization stating you are able to obtain the background on that person.

Crash Reports (Accident Reports)
Crash reports may be obtained in person at the receptionist window of the Texarkana Arkansas police department, or by mail. Requests by mail from individuals shall include a money order. A company may use a business check. The fee for a crash report obtained in this manner is $10.00
Contact Information for crash reports:
100 N. Stateline Avenue
P O Box 1885
Texarkana, Arkansas 75504-1885
Phone: (903) 798-3130

Other Information
Any additional certified copies of any document are $5 per report.