Policies and Procedures

Police Department Policies

The policies of the Texarkana Police Department are provided on this website to promote an open and transparent relationship with the public. These policies exist to ensure members of the Texarkana Police Department practice the recommendations for best practices and maintain professional conduct. The Texarkana Police Department is an accredited department and meets the standards set forth by the Arkansas Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (A.L.E.A.P). Policies are updated and changed as needed.

Please feel free to contact us about any policy at 903-798-3130.   

To view our complete General Orders Manual click this Link. Or you can view each section and individual policy below.

Section 1100 Department Organization

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Section 1101 Department Administration

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Section 1102 General Management

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Section 1103 Selection Process

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Section 1104 Personnel Administration

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Section 1105 Patrol Procedures

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Section 1106 Investigation Procedures

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Section 1107 Traffic Procedures

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Section 1108 Support Services

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Section 1109 Miscellaneous

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