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  • All probationary police officers, who do not hold a Law Enforcement Officer certification at the time of employment, will be required to attend the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy (ALETA) for the twelve (12) week Basic Police Training Course. Out-of-State Certified Police Officers will attend a one (1) week Law Enforcement Refresher Course. Upon completion, those officers will then enter the department's Field Training Program. ALETA is located in East Camden, Arkansas. Some of the areas of instruction provided in the Basic Academy Course include:

    • Criminal and Traffic Law
    • Firearms Training
    • Defensive Tactics
    • Police Vehicle Operations
    • Patrol Procedures and Tactics
    • Investigative Techniques
    • First Aid

    After an Arkansas Law Enforcement officer completes the academy and his/her first twelve (12) months probationary period, he/she may attend additional training. A few examples of some of the Specialized Training are as follows:

    • Instructor Development
    • Officer Survival
    • Breath Alcohol Content Data master Operators
    • Tactical Officers Course
    • Firearms Instructor
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