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  • Exceptional Starting Salary / Retirement
  • Holiday Pay / Longevity Pay
  • Three (3) weeks annual vacation
  • Four (4) weeks paid sick leave
  • Certificate / College Education Incentive Pay
  • Dependent Health Insurance / Life Insurance
  • Flexible Health Savings Plan
  • State of the Art Physical Fitness Center

Health Insurance- The City of Texarkana Arkansas pays 100% of the employee's health, dental, and vision insurance. Dependent coverage is available, but is paid for by the employee. The health insurance is 80/20 with a $500 deductible.

Retirement- Texarkana Arkansas Police Officers participate in the Local Police & Fire Retirement System (LOPFI) and do not pay into social security. Employee contribution to LOPFI is 8.5%. You may also participate in optional supplemental plans. Retirement under LOPFI is currently at age fifty-five (55) with at least twenty (20) years of service, at age sixty (60) with at least ten (10) years of service or at any age with at least twenty-eight (28) years of service.

Paid Vacation- Officers accrue vacation at the following rates:

1-5 Years of service

After 5 years of service

After 10 years of service

After 15 years of service

15 days per year

16 1/4 days per year

17 7/8 days per year

19 1/2 days per year


Sick leave- Officers accrue twenty (20) days of paid sick leave per year.

Worker's Compensation- Officers are covered by the City of Texarkana Arkansas Worker's Compensation Policy if they are injured in the line of duty.

Equipment- All uniforms, equipment, and weapons are provided by the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department.

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