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Re: TAPD Solves Multiple Cases From: Capt. Bobby Jordan


The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has worked tirelessly over the last week investigating crimes committed across the city.

On July 29, 2017, at 1:45am, The EZ Mart store at 4524 N. State Line Ave. was robbed at gunpoint by a black male wearing a mask and uniquely fashioned pants. Other than video and the physical description of the robber, detectives had very few leads to go on. Lt. Jason Shores didn't let this deter him. Because the pants were so unique, Lt Shores thought it might be possible to identify the potential suspect using surveillance video from Wal-Mart if the suspect were to have gone to Wal- Mart before or after the robbery. Lt. Shores followed through with nothing more than a hunch and got the Wal-Mart video in question. While searching through the video, approximately 40 minutes prior to the EZ Mart robbery, Lt. Shores recognized a dark black male enter the store wearing pants that matched those worn during the robbery. This black male was accompanied by a second taller light black male. From the video, detectives were able to identify the black males as Lamarcus Henderson, 19 yoa, and Nelson Ikegulu, 20 yoa. Ikegulu was located and interviewed without delay and an arrest warrant was issued for Henderson on Friday, 08/04/2017. On Saturday, 08/05/2017, Henderson was located at a residence on W 21st St., where upon noticing police officers, he fled from the front porch across State Line and into Arkansas on foot. He was taken into custody following the short foot pursuit. Henderson confessed to the robbery when interviewed by Det. Romeo Cross and Sgt. Zach White. An arrest warrant for aggravated robbery has been issued for Ikegulu.

Eight days ago, four robberies were committed in Texarkana, Texas and Wake Village, Texas. Information gained from the Wake Village robbery lead Texarkana, Arkansas detectives to believe that a silver Ford Explorer driven away from the scene by multiple suspects might be the same as a silver Ford Explorer used by several young black males in a series of vehicle burglaries on the Arkansas side, where they had been recorded on video by a citizen. Texarkana, Arkansas detectives began checking areas know to be frequented by possible suspects in the vehicle burglaries and passed this information on to Texarkana, Arkansas patrol officers who, in anticipation of additional vehicle burglaries or robberies, stopped a silver Ford Explorer following a traffic violation as the driver left the area of Creek Bend Dr. at approximately 2:30am on Thursday morning. Inside the Explorer, Officer Matt Warner identified the driver as Adrian Black, 17 yoa, who was accompanied by a juvenile female. They were released and information pertaining to this detention was forwarded to detectives. On Thursday 08/03/17, Texarkana, Texas Detective James Hargrave reported that a cell phone stolen from a robbery victim had been used to change a name on an application. This name matched the juvenile female's name who had been stopped by Arkansas patrol officers earlier the same morning.

A search warrant was obtained by Texarkana, Arkansas detectives and with the assistance of Texarkana, Texas detectives, a search of the residence on Creek Bend Dr. was conducted. Numerous stolen items from the series of robberies were discovered inside and outside the residence, while further investigation revealed the identity of three of the suspects in the robberies. They are Adrian Black, 17, Montreiyos Green, 17, and Jadan West, 17, all of which have been arrested on Texas issued warrants.

On Thursday, 08/03/2017, Detectives with the Bi-State (8th Judicial South) Narcotics Task Force learned that a large amount of high grade marijuana was being shipped to an address on Creek Bend Lane. Detectives secured a search warrant for the residence and were able to seize 15 pounds of high grade marijuana before one gram could be distributed locally. Detectives were also able to seize more than $8,400.00 dollars pursuant to the search warrant. Darren Caudle, 52 yoa, was taken into custody at the time of the search warrant. Additional arrests are anticipated pending investigation.

On Monday, 08/07/2017, at about 4:00pm, The Bottle Mart at 126 East St. reported to police that they had been robbed. Mark Clemenz was counting money when Billy Smith, 51 yoa, walked into the business and asked a question. Smith, upon seeing the sum of money, reached to grab the money and physically assaulted Clemenz while stealing the cash. The suspect ran to a 2007 Ford, Edge, parked in the driveway and left the scene heading north on East St. A customer, who happened to see what had transpired, followed Smith to the 500 block of E 3rd St. where he flagged Officer Chris Estes. Officer Estes investigated, arrested Smith, and recovered $470.00 in what he believed was stolen currency. Detectives interviewed Smith following the arrest, at which time he confessed to robbing Clemenz.

On Monday, 08/07/2017, at about 7:50pm Texarkana Arkansas Police received information that a residence in the 1300 block of Locust St. was being burgled by a heavy set black male. Officers Denise Wilder and Jeremy Hendrix responded and upon checking the residence observed at least one black male inside. While trying to secure a perimeter officers heard a window break on the south side of the residence located on the northeast corner of Locust and E 13th. Officers observed a heavy set black male attempting to exit the window and ordered him to surrender but the black male retreated into the house. Officers then heard a second window break in front of the house where two black males fled into the alley between Locust and Garland Streets. Following a short foot pursuit of both suspects they were taken into custody and identified as James Bailey, 19 yoa, and Leray Tatum, 18 yoa.

Thank you and you can visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department online at http://www.txkusa.org/arkpolice.

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