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November 26, 2012(Monday)  

Re: 2012 Annual Shop with a Cop and Cops and Kids Night


Itís time once again to extend Christmas cheer. On Thursday, December 6th, 2012 the annual the annual Cops and Kids meal has been scheduled at Pizza Inn on North State Line Avenue. Police Officers of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department will meet at the station at 5:00pm and form two convoys; one parade formation will travel to The Texarkana Baptist Orphanage and the other to The Watersprings Ranch. The children will ride with a Police Officer in a Patrol Car, with lights and sirens, to Pizza Inn.

Cops and Kids December 6th, 2012, 6:00pm. Pizza Inn, 5200 N. Stateline, Texarkana, AR.

Then on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 the Shop with a Cop event will take place. During this event a needy child will be given $100 to shop for Christmas gifts with a police officer at Wal-Mart on Arkansas Blvd. Officers from all over Texarkana will line up at the Bi-State at 7:30am and convoy with lights and sirens to Wal-Mart. This year, with the continuous support of our local contributors, over 75 children from here in Texarkana will receive something special this holiday season.

Shop with a Cop December 11th, 2012, 8:00am. Wal-Mart, 133 Arkansas Blvd, Texarkana, AR

The Annual Shop with a Cop program and Cops and Kids program is a spirit of fellowship that takes place during the holiday season and reinforces the positive aspects of community and Police relationships. This year we anticipate providing 120 kids of our community something special for this holiday season. If you have not had the opportunity to take part in this event please join us this year.

Media: Please try to attend these events. You can ride from the station with an Officer or meet us there, but we would appreciate your presence.

Thank you and you can visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department online at http://www.txkusa.org/arkpolice.
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