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Re: Severe Weather Warning Joint Police/Fire/Public Works Release


On Monday April 25th Texarkana and the surrounding areas experience severe thunderstorms including hail and high winds. Southwest and central Arkansas also experienced tornados, hail, and high wind causing extensive damage and some reported fatalities in the Little Rock Area.

There are more potentially strong thunderstorms forecast for the Texarkana area Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. The Texarkana Police Department would like to remind area residents to be cautious during severe weather and be aware of the following safety tips:

* Do not travel during these storms unless absolutely necessary as driving in these conditions are extremely hazardous.

* Monitor local news outlets by radio or television to remain prepared.

* In the event of a tornado warning seek shelter in an interior room on the lowest level of the building. Stay away from exterior windows and doors.

* If in a public building such as a hospital or school go to interior hallways or rooms. Stay away from rooms or areas with a wide spanning roof such as a gymnasium. Avoid exterior walls and areas with large amounts of glass.

We also are aware of some blogging by storm chasers on the internet in our area that has generated some calls to the police department. As always the City of Texarkana’s main concern is the safety and security of the citizens of Texarkana, AR. The City Manager, Chief of Police, Fire Chief and Public Works Director are aware of the possibility of severe weather in the Metro Texarkana Area later this evening and are taking necessary precautions within their departments.

Thank you and you can visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department online at http://www.txkusa.org/arkpolice.
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Officer Kristi Mitchell
Public Information Officer
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903-824-4199 (cell)
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