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Re: New Sex Offender Tracking System Launched


On Friday, Chief Robert Harrison of the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department revealed a new tool that will assist both law enforcement and the community in tracking persons subject to the provisions of the Sex Offender Registration Act in Arkansas. The program, called Offender Watch was launched on the TAPD website www.arkpolice.txkusa.org.

This morning, Chief Harrison announced the details of the new program that will assist the agency and the community by doing several things:

NOTIFICATIONS VIA U.S. MAIL: TAPD will now have the ability to mail out a Postal Notification to persons living near designated sexual offenders. Each time a new offender or predator registers or moves which requires a status change, the agency will have the ability to mail out a post card sized notification advising citizens about the residential location of the offender or predator. TAPD will continue to make notifications in person by officers working in various beats in certain circumstances.

PROVIDE “EASY TO USE” PUBLIC INTERNET ACCESS TO SEE WHERE SEXUAL OFFENDERS AND SEXUAL PREDATORS LIVE: By going to the TAPD website www.arkpolice.txkusa.org and clicking on the SEX OFFENDER LINK, citizens can now simply type in any Texarkana, Arkansas address to see where registered Offenders and Predators live. The map has interactive features that allow citizens to see photos, biographical information, and offense information on Offenders and Predators near their homes. If you have information associated with a violation an offender is committing, you can either call, or send an e-mail message through the “Contact Us” link on the OffenderWatch website, or the TAPD website.

AUTOMATIC EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: After clicking on the Sex Offender Link on the TAPD website, www.arkpolice.txkusa.org citizens can click on the link “Get Email Alert” and sign up (at no cost) to receive email alerts notifying them of Offenders and Predators moving into their area.

Those are just some of the Public Features available on the website. On the Law Enforcement side of the program, Det. Jason Haak, the TAPD detective responsible for oversight of the Sex Offenders in Texarkana, Arkansas, has access to a powerful database that contains all of the Offender information, and provides automated updates with regard to their current status. Many of the Offenders are required to provide verifications of residency every six months. The new program will automatically show their status, and will identify delinquent Offenders. In addition, those sites in Texarkana, Arkansas that were identified as “Protected Sites”, such as schools and daycare centers, will receive automatic updates on all offenders within our jurisdiction whenever they first register, or when there is any change in their status.

Chief Harrison said that “the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department remains committed to providing the highest quality service to the Citizens of Texarkana, and this new program is just the latest tool added to the TAPD arsenal that will assist both the Public, and the members of the TAPD tasked with tracking persons subject to the requirements of the Sex Offender Registration Act.”

Thank you and you can visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department online at http://www.txkusa.org/arkpolice.
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