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RE: Home Invasion Update


Over the past few weeks there have been several “home invasion” type robberies reported by local news media occurring in Texarkana, Texas. The City of Texarkana, Arkansas has been fortunate in that we have not been affected by this recent rash of incidents.  In reviewing reports over the last thirty days there have been three (3) “home invasion” type robberies reported to our agency. The first of which was reported to have occurred on 5/5/10 in the Chapel Ridge Apartment complex. The victim reported that two suspects entered her apartment forcefully after she opened the door and threatened her and her children with a gun while demanding money. The case was closed by CID after the victim was interviewed and the incident found to be drug related. The second was on 5/14/10 involving forty-five year old Travis McCrae burglarizing a residence in the 1500 block of E. 48th Street where he attempted to sexually assault a fourteen year old girl. McRae was the subject of an intense manhunt and subsequently arrested later that day after fleeing from Arkansas State Police in a stolen truck near Prescott, AR. McRae was charged with Burglary and Sexual indecency with a child.  The other reported home invasion occurred on 5/17/10 in the 1000 block of Grand Street. In that incident the victim was threatened by three individuals, one of which was armed with a handgun. The victim fled from and was chased by one of the suspects. A neighbor called police who responded to the area. The suspect vehicle was located a few blocks away.

Two of the suspects fled on foot but the other, Michael Wilkerson, was arrested and a television belonging to the victim was recovered from the suspect vehicle. Warrants are pending for the arrest of the other two suspects involved.

Investigations into these incidents indicate no links to those occurring in Texarkana, TX.  Our Patrol Division and Criminal Investigation Division continue a proactive stance against these types of violent crime. There are adequate resources within the police department to put together a violent crime unit, should it be needed. We hope this has a direct impact on these types of crimes occurring in our city.  Patrol Officers are spending as much time as possible in residential neighborhoods looking for suspicious activity. 

The Texarkana, AR Police Department does encourage residents of the city to remain aware of their surroundings and take steps to minimize their potential for being victimized. Some measures they can take include keeping the entrance areas of their homes well lighted and free of large bushes and obstructions. Never open the door to strangers and call the police if they notice suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. We also believe citizens should form Neighborhood Watch Associations and look out for their neighbors if they are on vacation or out of town. If any further information is needed feel free to our Community Crime Prevention Officer Kristi Mitchell.  

We also encourage all citizens to report any information on any felony crime through Texarkana Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP. You may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1000.00 for information that leads to an arrest.

If you need any additional information you may contact me.

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