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RE: Three Arrested for Residential Burglaries


The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has arrested three individuals for the recent rash of home burglaries in the city of Texarkana, Arkansas.  During the past three weeks ten (10) home burglaries have occurred during the day time hours.  The suspects would kick in the front or back door of the residences to gain entry.   Once inside, the suspects removed valuable items of property including, flat-screen televisions, electronic equipment, and jewelry.  Many of these incidents occurred consecutively of one another, as many as four were reported on November 11th. 

Due to the sudden increase of home burglaries, Chief Bob Harrison initiated a burglary taskforce, made up of the same officers who were part of the recent robbery squad; C.I.D., Special Operations, and the Bi-State Narcotics taskforce.  These taskforce members worked vigorously to capture these criminals to prevent further thefts and possible injuries from occurring to citizens.  Due to the evidence and information gathered, the taskforce was successful in apprehending three suspects, who were linked to all 10 burglaries.  Arrested were, Bobby Watson, B/M 18yoa, William Threadgill, B/M 18yoa, and Kevin Epps, B/M 18yoa, all of Texarkana, Arkansas.  All three suspects have been charged with ten (10) counts of residential burglary, a felony.   Watson was previously convicted of residential burglary in April of 2009.

All of the property stolen in these cases has yet to be recovered.  Flat-screen televisions and other electronic equipment are hot commodities on the streets and are easily sold to average citizens looking for a “good deal”.  People who buy televisions and electronic equipment on the street should be aware that purchasing stolen property can be a felony crime.   Purchasing stolen property in order to get a “good deal” could potentially generate a huge fine and significant jail time.    

Anyone with information regarding a crime is encouraged to notify TAPD or Texarkana area CrimeStoppers at 903-793-STOP.   Thank you and you can visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department online at http://www.txkusa.org/arkpolice.

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