Field Training Officer Forms


The progress of every officer who participates in the Field Training Officer Program is recorded by the Field Training Officer in written evaluations. These evaluations are referred to as “Daily Observation Reports.” The evaluation process is as important as the training process and is given a great deal of attention.

Evaluations record the progress of each recruit, inform them of any areas that need improvement, and help to them to monitor their performance. These evaluations provide feedback that enables the Field Training Officer to focus on the specific needs of each individual recruit.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has selected twenty-five categories as the basis for evaluating the recruit’s performance. These categories represent as many of the responsibilities and duties of a police officer as can be expected.


In addition to the “Daily Observation Reports” the Field Training Officer will complete an F-13, Weekly Progress Report, at the end of each week of training. This report includes a narrative that summarizes the recruit’s performance during the week and also highlights any special instruction or training that took place. The FTO Sergeant is required to review the F-13 and to meet with the FTO to discuss the recruit’s performance.


These guidelines are important as they are the standards by which each recruit is evaluated. Recruits are not compared to other experienced officers or even to other recruits. They are rated according to a set of guidelines, not other officers. These guidelines reflect conduct that is unacceptable, acceptable, or superior. These guidelines are fair and every effort is made to ensure that they are applied equally by each FTO.