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All probationary police officers who do not hold a current law enforcement officer certification at the time of employment will attend the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy for basic police training. The basic police academy is twelve (12) weeks in length and is located in East Camden, Arkansas.  Some of the areas of instruction provided in the basic police academy include:

blueballsm1.gif (853 bytes)Criminal and Traffic Law

blueballsm1.gif (853 bytes)Firearms Training

blueballsm1.gif (853 bytes)Defensive Tactics

blueballsm1.gif (853 bytes)Police Vehicle Operations

blueballsm1.gif (853 bytes)Patrol Procedures and Tactics

blueballsm1.gif (853 bytes)Investigative Techniques

blueballsm1.gif (853 bytes)First Aid

Upon graduation from the basic police academy, you will be assigned to a Field Training Officer.  During this fourteen (14) week period, you will apply the knowledge you acquired in the academy to the real-life conditions present in uniform patrol duty.  You will receive additional personal training and be evaluated on a daily basis by your training officer.  The purpose of this intensive training is to prepare you for an exciting and fulfilling career with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department.

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